Video Editing, 3D
& Motion Graphics

Our team was responsible for devising the launch strategy for a new Fallen Gear product at Blast Pro Series São Paulo event.

The Challenge

The Fallen Eco Keyboard, a new product from the Fallen Gear brand, hit the market in 2019 and we were asked to build a worldwide launch strategy, which should show the product's attributes and generate sales.

The Solution

We idealized the product launch during the Blast Pro Series São Paulo tournament of Counter-Strike, focusing our communication on the gamer audience, the main users of the brand's products. With a Fallen Store stand at the event, we developed a video that explained the differentials of the new keyboard, which was looped on the main screen of the arena.

With our team present at the event, we carried out an inbound marketing action with the presence of the proplayer Fallen. In this action, more than 2,000 keyboards were sold in hours.

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