Il Palazzo 360º






Campaign Creation

A new casino in Paraguay and a complete challenge for Nooke: new venture, innovative proposal in the local market, highlight the differentiation and consolidate the brand among the target audience.

The Challenge

Il Palazzo Casino had the innovative proposal of the Paraguayan market to differentiate itself from other players due to the format previously unheard of in the country of being a complete entertainment center. Not only gambling machines, but concerts, a restaurant, a drink bar and parties would be part of the weekly agenda, in addition to an online casino complete with live games and digital tournaments. For the launch of such an ambitious undertaking, a complete communication, research and planning strategy was needed, in addition to understanding consumer habits, the relationship between the public and the segment and the performance of competitors in the current market, indicating strengths and weaknesses to be exploited.

The Solution

To conceive a brand and its position from scratch, our research team went to Paraguay to carry out a thorough market research, studying the habits of the local public, market players and deeply investigating the competition. With the information acquired in desk research, we created a unique and differentiated communication, as well as the brand space located in the city of San Lorenzo. On and off together impact as many people as possible, within a concept and strategy developed by our team, creating dialogue, relevance and a differential for the brand. We designed the visual identity for the graphic materials, the tone of the speech for social networks and developed exclusive content for the media, idealized and developed campaigns that illustrated the project's proposal, dialogued and generated desire in the intended audience. In addition, we planned the launch strategy and executed the real time coverage of the inauguration event in Paraguay.

We develop a 360º communication: market research, planning, concept, branding, visual identity, campaign design and production, on and offline materials, launch strategy and real time coverage of the inauguration event.

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