Ronaldinho Google Allo




Social Networks



Design, illustration and identification with the public user of the social network are the main points for the development of this work, in partnership with Ronaldinho and Google Allo.

The Challenge

Aiming at the direct interaction of users with its proposed social network, Google invited global celebrities from different niches to encourage their fans to join their social networking project, Google Allo. For Nooke, there was the challenge of developing the project with legendary player Ronaldinho .

The Solution

With the focus of generating dialogue and encouraging the use of the platform, we created, in partnership with Studio Bittar, packs of stickers that translated the former player's lifestyle and the language of the social network, generating identification and bringing Ronaldinho's image closer to fans and social network users.

Bringing Ronaldinho in everyday situations that the public would identify with, we bet on the fun tone for the development of the stickers.

With the intention of having an interaction for each emotion of the users, the resentations of the idol were several and pleased the users of the social network.

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