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Football is already about passion, but when three giants of the segment come together to provide entertainment, the feeling of fans overflows.


Annually, the iconic trophy of the biggest soccer championship in the world, the UEFA Champions League, travels across different continents to find its passionate fans. This is a gift provided by Heineken, the official sponsor of the championship, as a way of approaching this community that usually watches the European championship only on television screens. In 2018, the Trophy Tour marked its start in Mexico, in an exclusive event attended by the brand ambassador, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, and also elected 2 times champion and Player of the Year of the championship when he was playing for Barcelona.


This great event marked the memory of fans who had the unique experience of personally meeting football legend Ronaldinho Gaúcho, and also passing by the Red Carpet to see the Trophy live. As the goal has always been to share this experience, Nooke created #SHARETHETROPHY in an exclusive coverage of the athlete's real-time activation on social networks for his millions of followers.

The Trophy Tour

The 2018 Trophy Tour features the illustrious presence of Ronaldinho Gaúcho.
The event connects the passionate football fans and gives them the opportunity to interact with the most wanted trophy in the world. A lucky fan has the unique opportunity to not only meet the legendary player and see the Trophy, but also take the Trophy along the red carpet next to Ronaldinho.

Worldwide Campaign

In one of the promotional video of the worldwide campaign, Ronaldinho appears in a futuristic scenario, like Blade Runner, where he revives a free kick from 2006. The goal he made against Werder Bremen, it marked the player's career and was eternalized in the memory of the fans. The video already has more than 850,000 views in the official Heineken® profile on YouTube.

The Activation

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Media Coverage

The coverage of the event begins with the arrival of Ronaldinho to Mexico, the first stop of the Trophy Tour. The player granted an exclusive interview with ESPN; formed the Champions League dream team and took pictures with fans attending the event.

Such a relevant and giant activation could only bring incredible organic results in engagement and visibility:





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